Ashford & Grace Fine Jewelry

“I was invited to a cash for gold party by a friend. I went to the party not expecting to make any money but was pleasantly surprised. I attended the party with a few pieces of broken jewelry and walked away with over $100. This enticed me to book my own cash for gold party. I invited friends and family to attend my cash for gold party a few weeks later. I made a total of $720 at my party. Everyone who attended my party was pleased with the amount of money that they made for cashing in the gold that they no longer had use for. Personally, I paid off a few bills and had money to spare.”

Davida from MD 


“My gold party was fun for everyone. The coordinator and appraiser were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The guests were extremely pleased with the money they received for their unwanted jewelry. As hostess, I was pleased with the whole experience!”

Lynda From DE

“My party was lots of fun! I got to hang out with friends and family while making money and having a great time!” 

Nikki  from NJ


“I was very apprehensive about hosting a Party at first but then when I realized I would make money instead of spending money, I quickly picked up the phone and started sending out invitations to all of my friends and family. The night of my party, people started to trickle in and out and when the party was over I actually made $600. I was so excited. It is quick money!” 

Gina From PA


“I first was invited to a gold party and since I had no idea what they were, I honestly thought I didn’t have anything. I did have two tiny rings and a thin chain, I thought I would make $50 so I wasn’t sure it was worth going! I ended up going and being shocked when they gave me over $300! I booked my own party and started to spread the word to everyone I thought could use the money! I had people dropping bags off, mailing me stuff from out of town and friends bringing bags in from their co-workers! I made $950 just in hosting the party, NOT SELLING A THING! All of my guests were so excited that I think 7 people booked off of my party! It was a lot of fun!”

Karen from Washington DC


“I hosted a party and made $1,060! When I invited them, most of my friends said they didn’t have any gold. I was feeling more than a little deflated but then I realized they never actually looked in their jewelry boxes. They just assumed they didn’t have anything to sell and what they did have; they figured would not add up to anything. So I became a little pushier and they thanked me over and over again at the party as they all came from the table with huge smiles and hand fulls of CASH!"

Diana from VA